February 22, 2011

We LOVE them!! So Much~~

hehe~ 26 February getting near right?? huhu..its gonna be my special day!! my twinsis too~ i love her and him so much.. you know who i mean here right?? i just wanna be happy by loving them!!i love ANGELICA MARIA so much..as much i love LEE JUNG SHIN and CNBLUE!! dont misunderstood here.. i just do this for fun~~

1 comment:

DJHinata♥ said...

Farah~~ Twin Sis !! Happy Birthday~~ ♥ I love U , God bless you in all your projects , live full of happiness , I'm so happy ! We have the same birthday !! That's why we are twin sis!! , for so many birthdays in the future, !! i Love U Farah !♥

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