February 14, 2011

Me, CNBLUE and Thailand II [photo]

the night before depart to Bangkok~ kyaa.. we didnt sleep that night..make this banner while eating Mc Donald..huhu.. doublecheese burger 1!!! haha.. enjoy~
Jungtime always~~
Jungshin! Jungshin! Jungshin! Jungshin!!~ everywhere, every time is Jung-time for me~saranghae!
weee~ i made this banner.. omo~ didn't huge like Blue Angel did.. uhuhu.. Jung Shin.. do you see this??
huhu~ at the top is unnie banner for Burning Jonghyun~ kyaa..me help her doing that!
omo~ CNBLUE and Jung Yonghwa banner ~pretty envy.. it just so pretty!!
candid picture~ hahaha
candid picture II ~hehehe
blue angel members~ kyaa..this girl really nice.. she tell me lots of Jung Shin story!
candid picture III~hahaha..
the environment outside the Thunder Dome before concert start.. huhu~ lots people here!! its proved that CNBLUE really top here~
me at the front of Holika Holika shop.. omo~ Yonghwa picture quiet HOT!! shoot him~bang..keke.. just kidding..shoot him with my love portion.. hahaha
one for me and one for unnie~ kyaa.. i love CNBLUE!!!
hehe~ this calendar poster i really love damn much..kyaa~ i have put it at my room.. Jung Shin really handsome in this calendar..keke~
cutee~right?? we get this file folder from Holika Holika crew..they just so sweet =]
me and my favourite milk here.. i dont know why..everytime i came here.. i love to buy this brand of milk..its really tasty and cheap here compared to milk at my country..for sure its halal..~kyaa
this picture is taken at Suvarnabhumi Airport before depart back to Malaysia =)

like i said before.. we cant bring camera inside the Thunder Dome~ really sorry.. maybe next concert~ kyaa.. in Singapore or Thailand..i will go there..surely!
LOVE LOVE LOVE~ everybody clap clap clap!! i LOVE CNBLUE so much!!

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