October 31, 2010

CN BLUE ,First Japan Fanmeeting with 5000 fans 2010.10.29

waaa~jungshinniey~ i love u!! huhu

October 28, 2010

[photo & video]【CF】Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini - CNBLUE

aaa~ all of colour of this mini xperia x10 is really kawaii.. but i arrange it in my list~ top is my fav!! aa jungshin ~ u so.. cute.. XD

October 22, 2010

More[photo] 10.10.22 Lee Jung Shin at Seoul Fashion week as Dominic's Way model

really proud pf him and also proud to be boice~ you did the good job shin!! really melting when see those picture.. long live for my goddess~Lee Jung Shin ♥♥♥♥ ~ hwaiting!!

credit to:

[TWITTER] 101022 Jung Shin's Tweet

안녕하세요 정신입니다 오늘서울패션위크에다녀왔습니다 도미닉스웨이라는 브랜드의 모델로 런웨이를 다녀왔어요!어떤가요? 이사진은리허설때의사진이랍니다 역시 모델분들은 정말 멋지더군요~오늘은 제가모델분들중에선 보통키라는걸 실감한날이였어요...ㅋㅋ

Hi it's Jungshin here. Just came back from Seoul Fashion week. I became a model for a brand called Dominic's Way and walked on the runway! How was it? This picture was taken during rehearsal. Models were truly cool~ Today standing between the models i felt like my height was just normal... kekek... jungshin~

you're getting more mature now~ saranghaeyo!!

credit to:
Jung Shin @ CNBLUE_4@twitter

translation by bluejus_7@twitter

[fanvid] Everybody need a hug~

i want his hug too~
credit to:

Youeasy Magazine photoshoot~

Lee Jungshin-Rock Chic Model Transformation~Dominic's Way [photo & video]

im a model now??huhu..quiet shy ♥♥ love this pose
waa~ really masculine!!
why you put your hand inside??
OMG!! nosebleed!! hahaha ♥♥
yeaah!! im a model now~
model of the future~ ♥♥
fufufu~our jungshin had transformed!!
get support by hyung~
woaa~ i love the third style~ so cute~♥♥

credits to:
lunchfriend @ yt
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