January 27, 2013


wooott~ i think it's being a long time for me to hiatus.. keke.. oh.. CNBLUE really daebak now.. am i right???
i have miss lots of thing.. but still i loved Jungshin hair the most.. really cute..most CUTE ever.. cant stand when i saw him.. melting like an ice..  
hehe.. so let me do some update here ~ for last week the 27th Golden Disk Award been held here in my beloved country ~ MALAYSIA. and of course i'm being there..,. with lots of my boice and also goguma chingu here. that was really awesome! the first time ever CNBLUE come to my country.. .
lots fans really excited..including me.. too excited and nervous. why am i nervous? cause i want CNBLUE feel our love here.
i think most of you guys know that boice + goguma malaysia (Sweet Potato Gochun) prepared some snack and food for FNC family.. not only for CNBLUE..also for FT ISLAND , JUNIEL and whole FNC crew members. good to heard right? and the happiest thing is they like it. ~~~~~

this award being held on 15th & 16th of January..

as you guys can see..that is my ticket.. just brought the rockpit side. but if CNBLUE held a concert here.. i will buy the vvip one..keke :)
hopefully they will..

my heart thump thump when i saw him.. my cutest chingu.. jungshin chingu.. cant imagine how i felt cause it almost 2 years i havent see him.... T_T sad right? but that is true.. at the red carpet..OMG!!! he is the first member step up onto the stage.. keep smiling and wave his hand.... i screaming like crazy! calling jungshin name.. oh nae sarang.. i wish you'll stay here for a while.

and of course i made something special to my lovely handsome untouchable hero.. shin..
homemade blue chocolate~ with an almond inside. i've passed this to the fnc crew. the one who passed our food to them. we cannot pass straightly to cnblue.. just to the crew..but that's okey.. we glad cause they wanna received our food. terima kasih! thank you. huhu...

is it ok? i mean the blue chocolate. ignore my face..kiki.. really hot there.. im waiting from the noon till the concert start.. burned my face >_<  too much....

so.. to Lee Jung Shin. i hope you like it.. actually i'm forgot to give the card that i have wrote to send with this choc. but it's ok. maybe next time. hope you taste it. LJS CNBLUE FIGHTING!! good luck in your acting.. i believe in you. hopefully you will come out with your own song..

RE: Blue I'm Sorry

i'm sorry!! I'm Sorry .. on hiatus for a long time... huuuu..  jungshin must be mad at me..kiki.. mianhamnida..
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