June 07, 2011

♥ Malaysian Goguma family gathering ♥

yongseo jjang!!
yummy!! i should made this one too for jungshin~ ♥
dukbokki!! nyum2~ ^^
sweet potato family~

Malaysian next top model!! mwahaha~
me with Malaysian Yong2!! he keeps calling me shin2!! the future doctor in yongseo family!!

hehe~ with the cute photographer! Hanis unnie!!
omomo~ this boy..the talented one.. he can dance very well~ Hafiz!! you're the flower boy in this family!! keke
me with Irad dongsaeng!! he from Indonesia but staying in Malaysia with his family! welcome to our family~
me with Yoon Hye Da~ she's the first person talk lots with me when i come to this gath! Miss you Hye Da!!
me with Omar!! actually~ if you look at him in reality,, his face looks alike Min Chul from Tmax! hehe~~
me with Ezzah dongsaeng! she also will further her study at England this July! she really smart! i should learn from her.. hehe~
me with Najwa Unnie!!
Acab~ the cute little dongsaeng!! he will further his study at England this July!! wish him all the best!! fighting ^^
me at Titiwangsa Lake~ you can see Malaysian trademark was there~ KLCC and Istana Budaya

omomo~ even it just for half day! i really miss all memories we through together.. i'll be missing you guys.. goguma family jjang!! you guys rock!! Omma Sally not in this pic but she the one who take lots effort to make this gath! saranghae omma!!
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