December 31, 2010

Tteokkboukki time ~

hye2~ its my second time eating tteokboukki..hehe.. really yummy~ so i promote for those who didnt try it yet..keke~ oh.. let me introduce the blue one.. the green shirt girl is Shawols~ huhu.. Tteokboukki daebak~ Korean daebak~ CNBLUE daebak

SBS Gayo Daejun~ CNBLUE 2010.12.29

hehe~ Jungshin aaa~ i miss your old hairstyle..hehe.. i love this one.. cute~~~~~ >_<
so excited..cant wait to meet u for the second time..hehe.. aigo0~ cant take my eyes of you..

edit~edit.. jungshin picture..

hehe~ this is what i call bored time work~ sorry my goddess.. i cant edit more better than this.. mianhae.. hu~ by the way.. our goddess getting handsome lately.. aisshhh~ cant stop fall in love with you dear.. your my sarangbit~

December 29, 2010

banmal song by yongseo couple~

this song sound interesting to me~ all over the world talk bout them now..
congrates to Jung Yong Hwa & Seo Joo Hyun coz being such a lovely couple.. huhu
oh.. u guys now.. it already over 1 million people watch this video at youtube~
chukkae goguma couple..
spreads goguma all over the world ^_________^

Long time no SEE~

anyeonghaseyo!!! sorry guys for not updating my blog~
i got work to do and internet coverage really slow at my home..
now im back~ so i will update all Lee Jung Shin and CNBlue new from today~ ngeeehehe
owh.. by the way.. next year~ in gonna be back to Thailand..
for what?? of coz for my CNBLUE boys... meet them for second time..
cool right?? wish me luck.. and thanks coz drop by here and spent a little time to read my blog..
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