April 29, 2014

the making BLUE MOON in KUALA LUMPUR 20130824

hi guys..long time no see ~ hehe.. i'm speechless actually coz i see myself here~ omo.. thanks to photographer oppa coz made me inside.. weeeeeeeeeee...

BTW thanks to the owner of this video.. credit to you love! so as you can see here.. it's me.. the pink heart for Jungshin .. concert time.. my friends really jealous with me.. maybe i'm just so lucky.. i should hold Jungshin poster at that time..so he will recognize me.. fufufu.. i'm just so happpppyyyy
~flying to cloud nine.. haha..

Can't Stop concert in Singapore will be sooner.. 10th May.. guest what.. i will be there.. with my friend which is the Emotional lover.. i really miss my goddess.. see you soon Jungshin..

oh yaa.. i just made this mug.. help from my aunty.. planning to give Jungshin one.. what do you guys think? nice or not.. huhu.. he really cute.. am i right?

ok that's all for now.. i'm in vacation.. my hometown.. 
 CODE NAME UNTOUCHABLE !!!! See you soon ~~~ 

with love, 

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