July 06, 2015

The Class Meet and Greet with CNBLUE in Malaysia (photo)

Assalamualaikum (peace be upon to you) ~~ anyone remember this words? hehe.. yup..this word is the one that Yonghwa oppa said in his instagram video when he in Malaysia. Proud of you oppa! keke.. Sorry for a late entry this time. That night (4 July) i got sick. I'm fasting at the noon and it's really hard to face the fans who keep push me to the front and guard to the back. But I'm okay now so with the full of love towards CNBLUE i'm gonna upload some of the photo and video at that day. Sorry for the low quality of video and photo. And the video kinda shaking.. Mianhae.. and i focusing to Jungshin more than others members.

This event was held in Mid Valley megamall. Start at 1 Pm but I came early at 8Am because I don't have the pass. But I'm kinda salute my friend from Thailand which come at 6 Am. Totally daebak! She also an untouchable goddess like me. She is the one who conduct JungshinThailand. 

 Her name is May ~ Well known as MayShin .. hehe.. 

Thanks May for the cute button badge~ 

I prepared a small gift for Jungshin and i really hope he love it.  

This is a Bass Music Box. I forgot to take the video but it's okay. As long as i have the photo..keke..

 After packing it look like this.. pack it simple.From me and the Malaysian Goddess

This is the precious one I had give to him. I draw this by myself. Is it okay or not? Actually I don't want to give this drawing. But as suggested from my friend. I just give him sincerely. Jungshin~ aah.. It's okay if you don't want other gift but this one.. I hope you keep it. 

okay~ now we start the session of CNBLUE meet and greet.. (photo)


Jungshin smile!! 

Can you guys see how packed the place that day? 

When other members keep focusing on MC questions suddenly he looking towards us! kyaaa~ I'm screaming out loud this time.. fufufufufu ~~ 

 He look at me again! hehe... super duper happy!!

 Where are you looking at again Jungshin? hehe... 

My heart fluttered!! His gaze~ omomo...

Jungshin aegyo~~ 

As I been focused to him. I saw him sneezing twice. I bet he got flu/fever. Poor baby Jungshin! You must be really tired. Please have a good rest. I wish you get well soon. Don't be sick. Otherwise I will be really worry about it. 


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