May 16, 2014


Anyeonghaseyoo~ hi all.. we met again here. so for today entry.. i just wanna share some of my precious picture when i'm in CNBLUE Can't Stop concert in Singapore..

kyahahaha.. almost a year. This time i see them again.. watch them perform lively.. 
As you guys can see i got a seated place which is quite far from him.. Actually i'm not satisfied at all with the ticket price and the crowd there. Sorry to say that i really don't like the security management there. It's okay let bygone be bygone... i want to tell you guys how excited i am when i see..this heart.. aigoo... going to be like crazy..miahaha~  even in concert i keep screaming.. LEE JUNGSHIN! FIGHTING.. LEE JUNGSHIN! SARANGHAE!.. hehe.. 

  jajangggg.... the one and only ~ 

me with my friend ~ Sara Yasmin.. 

before the concert begin...

Sara with Yongyong~

 JungShin getting more and more handsome.. aigoo~ drooling.... 

hehe... thanks to god coz the security haven't see me recording this.. hihi

 the rainbow project by CNBLUESGFC ~

 jungshin chinggu in the house baby!! 

 sayangggg~ can you see me dear?? haha 

with the CNBMinhyuk SG ~

everytime when i looked at you.. i do it with love.. full of love..

my spirit.. i feel great~~

most of my photo focus on my untouchable goddess ~ sorry for the shaking and unclear photo.. just happy to sharing with you guys.. the good news is.. they will held a concert here too.. in Malaysia.. in 9th August 2014.. waiting for that day.. huhu.. can't wait.. i'm sorry coz i can't stop loving CNBLUE.. kekeke~ 

with Love ,
ShiNifa {",}

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