June 07, 2011

♥ Malaysian Goguma family gathering ♥

yongseo jjang!!
yummy!! i should made this one too for jungshin~ ♥
dukbokki!! nyum2~ ^^
sweet potato family~

Malaysian next top model!! mwahaha~
me with Malaysian Yong2!! he keeps calling me shin2!! the future doctor in yongseo family!!

hehe~ with the cute photographer! Hanis unnie!!
omomo~ this boy..the talented one.. he can dance very well~ Hafiz!! you're the flower boy in this family!! keke
me with Irad dongsaeng!! he from Indonesia but staying in Malaysia with his family! welcome to our family~
me with Yoon Hye Da~ she's the first person talk lots with me when i come to this gath! Miss you Hye Da!!
me with Omar!! actually~ if you look at him in reality,, his face looks alike Min Chul from Tmax! hehe~~
me with Ezzah dongsaeng! she also will further her study at England this July! she really smart! i should learn from her.. hehe~
me with Najwa Unnie!!
Acab~ the cute little dongsaeng!! he will further his study at England this July!! wish him all the best!! fighting ^^
me at Titiwangsa Lake~ you can see Malaysian trademark was there~ KLCC and Istana Budaya

omomo~ even it just for half day! i really miss all memories we through together.. i'll be missing you guys.. goguma family jjang!! you guys rock!! Omma Sally not in this pic but she the one who take lots effort to make this gath! saranghae omma!!

May 07, 2011

♥ L.O.V.E.B.O.Y ♥

kyaa~ its almost 2 month i never update my blog..omomo~ mianhae!! i'm really sorry to my hubby ~ JungShin.. really busy now..collecting money to propose him..haha..kidding! here is my fav song from CNBLUE new album L.O.V.E.G.I.R.L but truly i love Ready n Go song the most..keke~ i hope i can be that girl..really lucky right?? i had 4 CNBLUE poster in my room but why they didnt choose mine to out?? huuu~~ thnx for all which never bored to drop by and read my blog.. i love you so much!! ~~~ peace!

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March 15, 2011

Arashi~ Happiness

sometimes.. in life..we can feel lots of feeling~ love, happy, sad..missing..
and of coz i feel that way too.. sometimes i felt im a loner..and sometimes i think im a loser..
to rise up my self esteem back..i love to sing this song..what ever happen.. we still need a happiness.. u know..beside CNBLUE.. me also love ARASHI really much..especially the rapper Sho Sakurai.. cute..huh? he wear the pink shirt here~ keke.. i give this all of you.. good night~ have a sweet dream.. pray for a better tomorrow!!!

CNBLUE 1st Comeback MV Teaser 2 [ FIRST STEP]

JungShin with his new bass~ pretty cool huh? makin kacak!!!
MinHyuk~goon!! my cute dongsaeng,,noona love you~
JongHyun ~aaa.. you look really cool here..
oh my! look at the leader..haha.. which yakuza have been seen here?? haha~ just kidding!! oh. YongHwa~ please vandalism my appa car.. huhu..it would be nice as long u done it..keke
my TAKUYA KIMURA!!!my Untouchable HERO!! 사랑하!!!hey2.. am i misread it here?? is that cnblue or onblue?? is onblue will be the next album title?? BLUETORY then BLUELOVE will this time be ONBLUE?? or ONEBLUE.. erm..maybe BLUEVER.. ahaks..or BLUEBEAT?? i would be honour if they use our fc name..haha..

kyaa~ i know i'm already late posting this new Mv.. hurm.. i got some work now.. quiet busy those day.. but still i had watch their second teaser!! OMG!! cant tell you.. really2 crazy in LOVE with CNBLUE now.. LEE JUNG SHIN totally HOT here~ WOOOT!!
aah..so tired.. this MV was filming in Japan right.. i'm really surprise with the earthquake and tsunami news.. for Japanese BOICE..please be strong.. if i can be there and help you guys..it would be an honour.. you guys please..take care of yourself..this is not the end..
be strong.. may GOD blessed all of you..

oh..2 day passed~ i need to get my medical check up at town..you know what.. i met a lady..i thought she is Chinese..but then she ask me in english... quite good her english.. thumbs up to her.. i talk more with her than.. she told me she is from Japan and First time visiting Malaysia.. you know what..before i had study Japanese language but i really forgot to say any japanese words even konichiwa... huhu.. i think i need to study more.. haha..

so Japan..wait for me.. I'll be there.. even what happen..you still my Fav Country beside South Korea.. smile always.. jya nee~

March 07, 2011

CNBLUE 1st Comeback MV Teaser [ FIRST STEP]

a FIRST STEP to IMAGINE that they are my LOVE!! hahax~

~.~ im MELTING!!!
oh my GOD!!! JUNGSHIN really HOT!!! kyaa...omomo.. dear..you look like Takuya Kimura-san!!
so gorgeous!! i LOVE you!!
fufufu~ my Bassist!!


Finally!! 1st Teaser been released..I'm so happy today~kyaahaha.. this teaser really different from other.. new style huh?? i love it!! look like members of Crow Zero movie.. and Jung Shin is my Tamao Serizawa..huhu~ yeahh!! i'm ready to rolling on the floor with you guys..

cant wait for the next teaser next week and for the full First Step MV!! CNBLUE Daebak!! Congrates for a good work~ saranghae!!

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CNBLUE official yt

March 05, 2011

♥ ♥ Alien Bunny!!

Oh my!! Sorry Shin!! i got this from somebody but i think no need to be mad!! you really cute with your BIG eyes here~ kakkoi!! hahax.. gomen ne~ i will ♥ you whenever how you look =]
Oh Shin don't angry with me ~~i love you..

March 01, 2011

JONGSHIN Moment~ ♥ ♥

omomo~ got this photo from twitter.. but i'm not sure who posting this.. keke~ kyaa. bunny honey!! your legs getting long isn't it?? envy you!! aa..JONGHYUN & JUNGSHIN...
can't take my eyes of you!!

as label on photo~

Oh Won Bin [ C'mon Girl ] Teaser 15 sec version

kyaa..actually i hope for another person teaser come out soon.. but since its won bin.. i cant let it go..haha.. i love him too.. his like an angel here.. oh dear! you are'nt human!!! kyaaa

credit to:
wonbinismlntl @ youtube

♥ dongsaeng~

anyeong~ hehe..this is my sister!! she had a same interest like me ~ to kpop music..keke
but she love different person.. she like the drummers the most~ Choi Min Hwan & Kang Min Hyuk.. oh..last night i cant sleep..so i'm editing some of this photo haha~~

February 28, 2011

oh my Goddess ♥ ♥

he really hot right??kyaa~ i got this photo from my friend..keke~ she said this was when they perform at one university there..omomo~ really envy!! totally..
can i borrow your bass dear.. you had brought a new bass so this one let me borrow it!! huhu..

huhu~ cant wait for their first full album..its gonna be on 21st March..and the teaser will be release start from next week~ 7th March..
oh.. i got the news that they gonna be 12 songs on this album!! kyaaa....
pretty excited..i believe the maknae will included their own song compose by them..keke~
JUNGSHIN~ aaa... i wanna see you rapping more and more!! Fighting!! hey.. you didnt tweet on my birthday.. but its Jonghyun..huuu... =.= ~
next time dont forget!! hahaah.. =] have a lovely day
i wanna love you i wanna with you~ i luv CNBLUE!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

junkart by me~

JUNGSHIN!!!!! I MISS YOU!!! but here i have edit that he missed me..keke~ mianhae .. shin..cant wait to see you again.. ♥ ♥ ♥ keep practice bass just to reduce feel to miss you more.. agaga... what happen to me? i dont know anything but LOVE~

owh!! really bored today!!! waiting for something which is not sure..~ while waiting i'm edit some of CNBLUE picture..huhu~.isn't bad..?? i think so~huhu

CNBLUE First Full Album Date ~ 21st March 2011


kyaaa~ Boice!! they postpone the teaser to 7th of March.. omo~ quite disappointed coz i'm wake up early this morning.. huuu~~ and they already reveal the true date of full album release!! its on 21st March 2011~ kyaaaaa!!! 21 days more~ omo.. today they just reveal the teaser photo~ oh! Jungshin really handsome~ all of them totally damn HOT!!!!
oh FnC!! im totally Love you!!! thanks for everything~~
i'm waiting for the CNBLUE Daebak comeback!!!

The following messages was just posted on CNBLUE’s Official Website:

This is the fanclub manager of FNC Music.

Through an official announcement, we had said that CNBLUE’s first teaser would be released today, the 28th; however, for a more complete and thorough album, it has been decided that the teaser will be released a week later, on March 7th.

It was a decision made in order to better the quality and completeness even more because it’s CNBLUE’s first formal album. We ask that BOICES be patient and understanding of the decision.

We apologize for being unable to keep our promises, and CNBLUE will return with a better album with BOICEs’ love and support.

Thank you.”

today they only reveal this photo~ kyaa.. Jungshin aaa~ thnx God coz u not shaved too much..huhu~ you look like High School Student!! really handsome.. feel like wanna kiss you!! bobo~ or just my illusion?? haha

my.yonghwa.baby @ CNBLUE Soompi

Lee JungShin Chingu ♥

I really love U Twin sis ♥ 

2 hours to CNBLUE's first full album teaser

hey guys.. its on 10AM KST right?? i'm wake early today just for this teaser..i wondering who will appear in the first teaser.. huhu~ and.. what will be the title of this full album? we already have got Bluetory and Bluelove.. so the next.. haha.. will it be the Blue beat?? hahaha.. every single beat from your live performances make me didn't find the way out..haha.. remember this statement!! oh Yonghwa~ its true!!!
i will shared it here when the teaser out..have a nice last day in February!!

February 22, 2011

Yong2 tweet & update Weibo Sina Micro Blog from Busan 22th Feb 2011~

  • 용) 부산입니다! 50층에서 본 부산은 참 정겹네여!!!!! 광안대교도 보이니까 밤에 다시 봐야겠어요~~ 앨범 얼마 안남았으니까 기대하세요! http://twitpic.com/42hsqi

English Translation:

Yong) it's BUSAN! Its heartwarming to see Busan from the 50th floor!!! Can even see the Kwang An bridge, have to come here at night again~~ It's not long before the album is released, please look forward to it!

the content is the same..so i think no need to write here twice ~~

omomo~ it gonna be romantic if i can watch this scene with Jung Shin..hehe..
kyaaaa~ i miss bunny!!

CNBLUE’s Weibo
Translation Credit to : blue_jus7@twitter
shared by www.cnbluebeat.com

We LOVE them!! So Much~~

hehe~ 26 February getting near right?? huhu..its gonna be my special day!! my twinsis too~ i love her and him so much.. you know who i mean here right?? i just wanna be happy by loving them!!i love ANGELICA MARIA so much..as much i love LEE JUNG SHIN and CNBLUE!! dont misunderstood here.. i just do this for fun~~

February 21, 2011


anyeonghaseyo!! today i'm doing nothing at home..just practise my guitar and bass lesson.. then i login my twitter.. lots of my friend had done some of the crazy quiz.. for CNBLUE and FT ISLAND.. i take my chance to do that to.. so i wanna share it to all of you~
hehe~ for all Boice.. you guys should try this quiz.. please never give up.. especially to Jong Hyun bias..haha.. its not easy to get him as result.. i bet you guys will get the different one..huhu.. try this link below..omomo~ the creator of this quiz really creative..kyaa.. thnx him/her.. keke

oh..did you guys have saw Jong Hoon tweet last night?? omo~ Jong Hyun already reveal his new hairstyle..it quite strange to see him colored his hair.. i wondering how Jung Shin will look like.. he cut a bit from his long hair..uuu~ and change it to a new color..keke.. oh..they will rest at their home coz didn't have any activity.. kyaa.. Jung Shin~aa.. rest well at Ilsan..send my regards to omonim..hehe..end of this year..i'm gonna meet her~ huhu..you like to eat right?? i will cook Malaysian dish for you~ huhu
and for Yong Hwa.. dont feel lonely~ I'm here!! haha.. can accompany you every time.. just kidding!! have a lovely week all boys..saranghae~~

kyaa~ and for FT Island lover.. hehe..i love FTI too beside CNB.. keke~ i love FnC Boys so much..huhu.. take this quiz and enjoy~Primadonna.. but Won Bin didn't include here.. just for the new formation of FTI~ i had try this quiz for four times!! until now i didn't get my bias!! Lee Jae Jin..it's so hard to get you..omomo~ or should i change my bias to Song Seung Hyun?? quite adorable!! hahaha..
try this link below~~

credit to:
the creator of this quiz and all my tweeps friend!!
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