February 28, 2011

oh my Goddess ♥ ♥

he really hot right??kyaa~ i got this photo from my friend..keke~ she said this was when they perform at one university there..omomo~ really envy!! totally..
can i borrow your bass dear.. you had brought a new bass so this one let me borrow it!! huhu..

huhu~ cant wait for their first full album..its gonna be on 21st March..and the teaser will be release start from next week~ 7th March..
oh.. i got the news that they gonna be 12 songs on this album!! kyaaa....
pretty excited..i believe the maknae will included their own song compose by them..keke~
JUNGSHIN~ aaa... i wanna see you rapping more and more!! Fighting!! hey.. you didnt tweet on my birthday.. but its Jonghyun..huuu... =.= ~
next time dont forget!! hahaah.. =] have a lovely day
i wanna love you i wanna with you~ i luv CNBLUE!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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