February 18, 2011

Dual-Sided Truth of Lee Jung Shin

omomo~ its like family potrait right? mummy and daddy seat at the front while two adorable son stand at the back..keke.. really sweet! I love this picture so much..so CNBLUE! huhu~actually..this just the beginner.. today i wanna share an article about my bunny honey~ it seems an old article but after i read those article.. I'm feel really proud with him.. i love him so much.. he really improve so much...so for all UNTOUCHABLE LOVERS & SOUL.. enjoy read this =]

Lee Jungshin – Dual-Sided Truth (Cool Music Special Issue 386)

While others are actively taking part in discussions, he would always be sitting quietly in a corner, smiling shyly while observing the surroundings. When his uneasiness sets a deep impression in your heart, he would show the wild and prankish side of him, talking continuously and unstoppable. So straightforward and adorable that makes us crazy. We would start to doubt our judgement – so which is the real Lee Jungshin? Only those who really understand him would know that both are the real him. Just when we are tired of the unchangeable era, this special character has become the unbeatable charm of Jungshin.

Noble Aspiration

We tend to have far-sighted ambitions when we were young. Jungshin’s aspiration during elementary school was to become “the director of a large enterprise”, but now his opinion on this childhood ambition is “ridiculous”. The reason for the change is mainly due to the influence from his buddies who made him interested and indulged in bands. Jungshin first came in contact with the concept of a band after watching Mr Big’s performance; he could not forget that passion and made them the band he respects the most. Comparing to the more popular musical instrument, the guitar, he is lethally attracted to the bass which has a lower pitch and various ways of playing it. Whenever he sees a bass in an instrument shop, he cannot resist playing it for a while. Jungshin has long desired for that bass of his, even if practising has caused abrasions on his fingers, he would still complain: “There is not enough time to practice due to the many schedules after debut.” …. During the period before the release of the second album, he would proceed straight to the recording studio after waking up, and would only take a 15 minutes’ ride to eat spaghetti and back if they were frustrated during their practice. Comparing to those of similar age who are still playful, Jungshin’s heart seems to be filled with more important tasks.

Maybe no one would have expected that Jungshin, who is so passionate towards bass, actually caught his company’s attention with his RAP ability. Jungshin, who is wary of his audience’s feelings, became reserved for a long time because of his teeth alignment that cause his pronunciation to not be as accurate. He was only responsible for the “Ha Ho” portion of the song ‘Love’. During teeth alignment, Jungshin could only practice the tempo through playing bass. Though it seemed a bit difficult, it had been meaningful to him. He is not able to talk properly with his braces on, so he is looking forward to have them removed. Just when we feel sorry for not being able to enjoy Jungshin’s RAP performance, we were surprised by his RAP performance in ‘Just Please’. His RAP is not only powerful but his pronunciation is also very clear. We could imagine that he must have put in a lot of effort.

Being the last member to join, it was not easy to blend into the original band. Since he would have to face an unfamiliar environment, Jungshin did hesitate on whether he should go to Japan, but the other members’ cheerfulness and amiability made him forget about this worry. Sometimes the members would talk about things that happened before Jungshin joined. He would always listen to them earnestly, as if hoping to gain the feeling of the days which he had never experienced. Being a band, live performance (LIVE) is what CNBLUE is after. Comparing to recording music shows, LIVE can give them more satisfaction. Jungshin thinks that if an artist is unable to show his passion on stage, the audience would also not enjoy the performance. Hence once he goes on the LIVE stage, the usually shy Jungshin would become oblivious of himself and try to use his enthusiasm to boost the excitement of the stage. “LIVE is ‘the passion’ that we share with other people.” The songs which CNBLUE perform are mostly their own compositions; Jungshin feels regretful for not being able to take part in the production of the first few albums. As his standard of composition is still not mature enough, Jungshin would only give suggestions or just practice his bass quietly while his brothers are composing. He hopes to be directly involved in their next album production after this period of learning. Other than music, Jungshin also has a strong interest in photography. Since many of his relatives are in the photographic industry, he has played with cameras as if they were toys since he was young. When he is not in good mood, bringing his camera out to roads with beautiful scenery to capture his favourite views is his way of switching moods.

Model Potential

At 1.86m tall, Jungshin is definitely the lighthouse that exists within CNBLUE. “Sister-in-law” Seohyun once analysed the reason for not spotting her “husband” at a music show’s waiting area was that he was blocked by Jungshin (Yonghwa was deeply hurt by this fact). Thus the person who grumbles about Jungshin’s height most is the leader. “A person, who is supposed to be tall, would look very short when standing beside him.” Hence any task that is similar to the changing of light bulbs, Yonghwa will first think of long body Jungshin. It has indeed been proven to be a wise choice, as Jungshin only needs to raise his hand to fix the light bulb to the ceiling. The question which the tall student is asked most frequently is “Have you been growing again lately?” His four-dimensional (4-D) answer has left us in a loss, “I did not grow taller but my legs grew longer.” Does that mean your upper body has become shorter?!

Not talking about the height for the time being, Jungshin, whose body keeps growing vertically, is also very skinny. When wearing waist-revealing clothes, what we see is not his abdomen muscles but his ribs. The actual reason is – “too much exercise training makes the flesh on the ribs disappear.” In the era when muscles rule, Jungshin would hide his inferior arms, and show off his secret weapon – a pair of long slim legs. He is full of confidence with his pair of beautiful legs, which are prettier than the girls’. To reveal them more, not only has he been wearing shorter trousers lately, he has also been recommending the others to wear them, “Shorter trousers are cooling and can show off our lower legs, it’s the choice for summer.” Jungshin, who has always been interested in fashion trends, likes to buy clothes. Once during a fashion magazine photo shoot, he was too excited over the tons of clothes in the studio that he couldn’t decide on which to wear, entering into a moment of happy distress. Other than having a model figure, Jungshin also has an outstanding facial feature. Due to teeth alignment, he usually doesn’t talk much and is always sitting shyly in one corner, even covering his mouth when laughing, thus the elders would say he looks like a small girl. No wonder when cross-dressing is mentioned, the members would pin all the hopes on Jungshin.

We couldn’t imagine that the outstanding Jungshin has never dated a girl for more than a hundred days. Living in South Korea, where even elementary kids are dating, Jungshin, who is still single, is emotionally unbalanced. He has thoughts of holding the hands of someone he likes, under the lovely sunshine, strolling romantically along a beautiful boulevard or in a garden with exquisite scenery. It’s such a simple yet romantic wish. Jungshin used to like girls wearing skirts, but as he grew older, he is now more attracted to body hugging jeans and simple casual dressing. If you have fair skin, is pretty, innocent and sexy, and suits baseball caps very well, then congratulations! You are perfectly Jungshin’s ideal type!

What Planet Are You From

There is a common saying that “the character of a person is established by the age of 3”; Jungshin’s unusual mentality could be seen at a young age. During elementary school graduation, he wrote in the alumnus record saying, “Friends, let our friendship remain unchanged when we go to middle school, we will meet up 10 years later for a drink.” In fact, there is nothing wrong with this, since drinking is legal at the age of 20. We can only say that young boy Jungshin has far-sighted thoughts. During a street performance in Japan, when it suddenly rained, the members rushed onto a public transport. Jungshin, who still was not used to the Japanese culture, saw the driver bowing to him and immediately responded by bowing back, resulting in pouring rain water from his hat onto the driver like in a ‘baptism’. After shifting to a new hostel, Jungshin became Minhyuk’s roommate. When a very organised ‘A’ type Virgo meets the ‘mysophobe’ of the band, he becomes the target of grumbling by his roommate. This accumulating pressure exploded in the middle of the night, when Jungshin started to speak in alien language while sleeping with his eyes opened, causing great panic to Minhyuk. Pretending nothing has happened after he has done something wrong and when someone finds out, he would act like a spoilt child and get away with it. Jungshin also has his way of dealing with easily angered Yonghwa, which is to lower his height automatically (covered mouth laughing). So long as the method works, it does not matter if it is not new, the kind-hearted members would still buy it most of the time. Even Minhyuk, who is also the youngest, feels that Jungshin acts more like a maknae than him; he would become helpless after seeing him behave like a spoilt child. Jungshin may look like a cutie pie but when he is together with his friends, he would transform into an enthusiastic young man with leading quality. Jungshin is a very loyal true man; he decides on all the time and places of his outings and his friends only need to come along. Maybe it’s because his mother has been educating him like a lady since he was young, so whenever Jungshin is back at home, he will become an obedient youngest child. Besides behaving like a spoilt child in front of the members, he is also very reliant on his family, as Jonghyun always says, “Jungshin’s excessive reliance on mother’s love.” Jungshin would phone home every day during meals and causes others to get cramps on their limbs whenever he calls out “Mother”.

Initial Exploration of Variety Shows

Right from the start, Jungshin has the correct concept of variety shows – “Image is not important at all.” Success not only requires self-awareness but also self-confidence; self-confidence has made stuttering Democritus into a famous orator, while Jungshin’s persistence in endorsing his “baseless confidence” (confidence without any basis) has led to his establishment in the variety shows. Even if after making the atmosphere extremely cold, Jungshin would still be feeling good about himself to claim that “Actually I am good at making jokes”, and mediates the situation without changing his expression with: “It’s actually not bad in the beginning right?” So long as the topic suits his taste, he would get all excited and talk non-stop, totally ignoring the helpless looks of others. Only when the situation gets extremely embarrassing, he would seek help from his brothers: “I have only one mouth.” From Daesung to Seunghyun, we have seen the infinite rising passion of the maknaes for variety shows; they require more attention and chances of appearance. Once an opportunity arises, they would never give it up. 4-D Jungshin has attracted a lot of attention from the meeting in ‘We Got Married’; his straightforward character, senseless jokes and the little action of massaging his smile lines has captured many audiences’ hearts. Initially, he would still be obedient enough to speak of the good points of the members; gradually he would make some classic remarks like “brother’s acting is lousy”. Humans have unlimited potential and Jungshin is slowly unearthing his talent and is starting to stand out conspicuously. He, who normally can’t stand pain, would become invincible in front of the camera, skipping rope with his bare foot on a massage mat and still looking calm. His expression remains at ease even with pretty girls dancing in front of him, just that his action in the end looks flustered. He does not take this small imperfection to heart: “I am really fantastic, this part wasn’t even in the rehearsal.” Watching this “special” Jungshin, even entertainment senior Kim Jong Min expressed with admiration that this child is “very aspiring”. However, ambitious Jungshin feels that he has yet to find his sense on variety shows, since he is lacking in the personal speciality which is a must-have segment. The variety show is still an unknown world waiting for him to discover.

what do you feel after read this article??kyaa~ for me.. im really proud of him.. omo~ i miss his tweet with Min Hyuk last night..as i know he had brought a new Bass!! hinggg~~ it must be cutee~ you're the best for me Jung Shin.. i'll always support you!!
huhu~i really love Jung Shin rapping in Ready and Go song so much!! cool ~~

translation by KC Blue @ Code Azzurro
source from Cool Music Issue 386

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