February 10, 2011

Lee Jung Shin~ my Goddess forever

Stars have grown up, discovered the magic of make-up and hair, dieted to the extreme and transformed into the K-Pop idols we know today. We want to applaud them for their efforts so here’s MTV K’s top 10 dramatic K-Pop transformations!

Jung Shin’s adorable pre-debut photos of him as a chubby kid became a hot issue among netizens — mostly because they couldn’t believe that their beautiful oppa had transformed so much.

somebody have post the article above at this link

and guest what.. Jungshin at 3rd place from top 10..this really too much.. too much..make me really angry! what the fish?? here..im gonna show you the true face of him..free! without any charge..

let me show you the real face of Lee Jung Shin from his baby till now..

baby shin~

shin at elementary school

at junior high and high school

before debut~

at hongdae guerilla concert~
bluelove album photoshoot~

listen to CNBLUE Asian Tour~
fansign event~
end of last year~
this picture at holika holika event at Thailand last January~

isnt he cute from baby? did you see something different at his face?that person totally wrong for what have they write bout shin~ okey... im his bias and of coz i will always back up and support him.. this is the true... his born to be a star. the envy people.. please just shut up your mouth and stop write non-sense bout him.. without make up he already cute. and dont forget.. he is one of CNBLUE member which is holika holika beauty product model. he's already beautiful. =) if not holika holika will never choose them.

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