February 10, 2011

Just Be Yourself~~~

Dont scared to do something unless you don’t want to do it~

This phrase keeps on my mind since last night. What happen to me?

Actually, last night I went to hospital coz my mom got high fever. Omo~ poor my mom..

She had to stay there coz her high blood pressure was too high. Maybe she mad at me..that why it happen..im sorry mom.. erm~ while waiting my mom, me and my little sister sat near the hospital café. Suddenly, a boy passes infront of me. Omo~ he just so high!! Im at his neck level.. I think he has the same height with Jungshin.. oh! Im kinda excited at that time. This boy is Chinese boy.. he had visited somebody older than him..i don’t know whether his mom or grandmother. So, to make the story here, he sat near the can drink machine. My sister felt quite thirsty so we decide to buy something cold at the can drink machine. By this time, we need to pass that Chinese boy before the machine. Last night quite hot for me even its raining at the evening. After put the coins inside, I gonna to choose a iced coffee but I choose the wrong button. Aigoo~ that Chinese boy keep looking at me with the fierce face..so that gonna be his mistake (aiyaa~ even im the one who push the wrong button-keke…) actually there were my mistake too.. why am I keep looking at him? Right? Serve me right! When I got the wrong drink..of coz im sigh! I think that boy heard it and suddenly he smile.. aaa~ im stuck! His face kinda similar to somebody.. But im not sure.. So after that im kept looking at him.. Look and look and look..oh my god! He remind me to my old hubby~ Oh Won Bin (former FT Island) hehe~sorry Jungshin..i had forgot you about few hours…keke~~

Their eyes exactky the same.. omo~ I wanna know him.. Seriously I wanna know him.

Second passed second then passed minute.. I kept looked at him about 20 minute like that. Then, he stands. I said to my sister that I wanna get his email or something that can make us contact each other. But im don’t have the strength. He walks in front of me and he looking at me again. Im such a coward at that time. He walks way to the exit gate and my eyes kept following him. At the exit gate, he stopped and then he turns back. Omo~ why he turned back? Im wondering alone. And then he just walks out the gate and missing from my sight. Oh.. Why am I so babo..uuuu~ bye2 Won Bin clone..hope can meet you again in the future..

Omo~ this morning..i keep thinking bout this.. what will happen if I ask for his email or something like that..facebook or twitter maybe..aaaishhhh~ its too late… T__T

omo..that boy really similar to this picture..aa Won Bin!! neol saranghae.. hehe

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