February 11, 2011

Jung Shin UFO reply 2011.02.10

omo? i think this doesn't look like a wig??keke.. old hairstyle? i like~~

2011.02.10 23:11

[to Jungshin] It's time for Jungshin to reply UFO, but he isn't. I'm calling Jungshin badly.

[from Jungshin] Yes I'm.

2011.02.10 23:47

[to Jungshin] Jungshin Chingu, it is said it's Jungtime, is it correct?

[from Jungshin] Is it? That's why I'm doing UFO to check it.

* Jungtime: Jungshin is replying UFO now, so fans must send him message.

It's a slang used by fans, how Jungshin knows this word...

2011.02.10 23:43

[to Jungshin] Jungshina, Please convey thanks to Minhyuk. It seems Minhyuk has gone.

[from Jungshin] I can't speak Korean.


[to Jungshin] I am seeing your bright brown color hair. I expect your come back style.

[from Jungshin] This time, its shaved head. I am wearing a wig now!


[to Jungshin] Will you keep the goddess style at new album?

[from Jungshin] No, shaved head... Doesn't it look like a wig?

omo!!! Jung Shin will exchange his hair style.. i'm waiting for it... keke..

AIGOO!! please don't shaved hair too much.. it will look awkward..

shin..how come you didn't speak Korean??hahaha..oh.. back from Japan so speak in Japanese? lol...


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