February 21, 2011


anyeonghaseyo!! today i'm doing nothing at home..just practise my guitar and bass lesson.. then i login my twitter.. lots of my friend had done some of the crazy quiz.. for CNBLUE and FT ISLAND.. i take my chance to do that to.. so i wanna share it to all of you~
hehe~ for all Boice.. you guys should try this quiz.. please never give up.. especially to Jong Hyun bias..haha.. its not easy to get him as result.. i bet you guys will get the different one..huhu.. try this link below..omomo~ the creator of this quiz really creative..kyaa.. thnx him/her.. keke

oh..did you guys have saw Jong Hoon tweet last night?? omo~ Jong Hyun already reveal his new hairstyle..it quite strange to see him colored his hair.. i wondering how Jung Shin will look like.. he cut a bit from his long hair..uuu~ and change it to a new color..keke.. oh..they will rest at their home coz didn't have any activity.. kyaa.. Jung Shin~aa.. rest well at Ilsan..send my regards to omonim..hehe..end of this year..i'm gonna meet her~ huhu..you like to eat right?? i will cook Malaysian dish for you~ huhu
and for Yong Hwa.. dont feel lonely~ I'm here!! haha.. can accompany you every time.. just kidding!! have a lovely week all boys..saranghae~~

kyaa~ and for FT Island lover.. hehe..i love FTI too beside CNB.. keke~ i love FnC Boys so much..huhu.. take this quiz and enjoy~Primadonna.. but Won Bin didn't include here.. just for the new formation of FTI~ i had try this quiz for four times!! until now i didn't get my bias!! Lee Jae Jin..it's so hard to get you..omomo~ or should i change my bias to Song Seung Hyun?? quite adorable!! hahaha..
try this link below~~

credit to:
the creator of this quiz and all my tweeps friend!!


Anonymous said...

gambar jung shi ngan kmu tu edit ke???

Anonymous said...

gambar jung shin ngan kmu tu edit ke???nampak pelik la...

Anonymous said...

ft island my dongsaeng(s)...lee jung shin my playmate..hehehe

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