March 07, 2011

CNBLUE 1st Comeback MV Teaser [ FIRST STEP]

a FIRST STEP to IMAGINE that they are my LOVE!! hahax~

~.~ im MELTING!!!
oh my GOD!!! JUNGSHIN really HOT!!! kyaa...omomo.. look like Takuya Kimura-san!!
so gorgeous!! i LOVE you!!
fufufu~ my Bassist!!


Finally!! 1st Teaser been released..I'm so happy today~kyaahaha.. this teaser really different from other.. new style huh?? i love it!! look like members of Crow Zero movie.. and Jung Shin is my Tamao Serizawa..huhu~ yeahh!! i'm ready to rolling on the floor with you guys..

cant wait for the next teaser next week and for the full First Step MV!! CNBLUE Daebak!! Congrates for a good work~ saranghae!!

credit to:
CNBLUE official yt

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