March 15, 2011

CNBLUE 1st Comeback MV Teaser 2 [ FIRST STEP]

JungShin with his new bass~ pretty cool huh? makin kacak!!!
MinHyuk~goon!! my cute dongsaeng,,noona love you~
JongHyun ~aaa.. you look really cool here..
oh my! look at the leader..haha.. which yakuza have been seen here?? haha~ just kidding!! oh. YongHwa~ please vandalism my appa car.. would be nice as long u done it..keke
my TAKUYA KIMURA!!!my Untouchable HERO!! 사랑하!!!hey2.. am i misread it here?? is that cnblue or onblue?? is onblue will be the next album title?? BLUETORY then BLUELOVE will this time be ONBLUE?? or ONEBLUE.. erm..maybe BLUEVER.. ahaks..or BLUEBEAT?? i would be honour if they use our fc name..haha..

kyaa~ i know i'm already late posting this new Mv.. hurm.. i got some work now.. quiet busy those day.. but still i had watch their second teaser!! OMG!! cant tell you.. really2 crazy in LOVE with CNBLUE now.. LEE JUNG SHIN totally HOT here~ WOOOT!! tired.. this MV was filming in Japan right.. i'm really surprise with the earthquake and tsunami news.. for Japanese BOICE..please be strong.. if i can be there and help you would be an honour.. you guys please..take care of yourself..this is not the end..
be strong.. may GOD blessed all of you..

oh..2 day passed~ i need to get my medical check up at know what.. i met a lady..i thought she is Chinese..but then she ask me in english... quite good her english.. thumbs up to her.. i talk more with her than.. she told me she is from Japan and First time visiting Malaysia.. you know what..before i had study Japanese language but i really forgot to say any japanese words even konichiwa... huhu.. i think i need to study more.. haha..

so Japan..wait for me.. I'll be there.. even what still my Fav Country beside South Korea.. smile always.. jya nee~

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