October 09, 2010

my twin sister~ ^^

hye2~ today im gonna story about my twin sister..!!
her name is Angelica.She also known by Hinata.she 20 years old.
live in Colombia. Have a brother and mom~
her height is 172 cm while me just 168 cm ~ aigo0..so short!!
weight?? i don't know.. i really love her.. even we have never meet..
she caring bout me~ and one day i will go there[Colombia] just to find her~ >_< i call her as my twin sister because... #our birthday date is same which is 26 February 1990~
#our blood type also the same which is 'o' #we study in the same course at college which is arts
#we have the same fav band which is CN BLUE!! but he love Jung Yong Hwa (vocalist) while me love Lee Jung Shin (bassist)
#we love kpop scene so much!!
#we love anime especially Naruto~ keke..
#we also love Yongseo couple so badly~ haha and we made a promise together.. on 26 February 2011.. we will donate blood~ take each other picture and upload it!! cant wait till that day!! wish me luck~ fighting!!


DJHinata♥ said...

Really Reaally .. i'm so touch !! So cute so nice sooo my twin sis !! ♥ really love U ! you are so cute and nice *3*

shinifa said...

sis~ thnx.. yup..you're my twin sis~ i love to said it again and again..proud of you~

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