October 05, 2010

korean day~fufufu

me with my cute sister.. huhu.. we posing at the backside building of korean festival..im hoping to meet cn blue clone and she hope to meet the handsome oppa~ haha.. luckily~ we dont..haha

haha~ i love this picture!! kui..kui.. actually.. that korean pretty ashamed to take a picture with us.. his face turn red like tomato~ sorry dear.. i'm a lil bit crazy person..huhu..

see the korean lady with their traditional clothes call hanbok~really wanna try that hanbok..keke~ with me also my sisters and my friend
~from the left, ieda,nana,fiqa,teh and me

fufufu~ i eat the rice cake and dukkbokki..but i didnt take the picture of dukkbkki~really sorry.. the korean lady hold the korean fish cake ^^

in korean people shop~ she really nice~ welcoming us.. keke~

me with korean guy.. his nice~ haha ^_^

promote korean product~ haha..

yayaya~ korean's day.. me and my sister..fiqa~ fufu..

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