October 20, 2010

Debut as a model???

CNBlue's bassist Jung Shin will debut as a runway fashion model.

JungShin on the 22nd of October will be a the Seoul Trade Exhibition Center (SETEC)where designers will be holding a fashion show and models will be participating in.
Jung Shin has caught the eyes of the designers because he is 186 cm tall and has a good potential to be a professional model. Jung Shin may lack experience in modeling but designers see the potential in him. The designers are confident that he can pull it off after practicing walking in a runway. Meanwhile, Jung Shin is currently active in variety shows.

aaa~JungShin..it just an opportunity for you to spread your career..maybe not an actor like Jong Hyun, Min Hyuk and Yong Hwa.. but as a model.. i will always support you~ ultrabunny!! fighting!!


credit to~ hyuninie @cnbluebeat

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