January 12, 2011

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どれもいい曲なんですが、中でも“Don't say good bye”は、ヨンファの歌とピアノだけのデモを聴いた瞬間に“これこのまま出しちゃえばいいんじゃね!?”とアレンジャーにあるまじき発想をしてしまったほどです。




もちろん“Try again, Smile again”と“kimio”も素晴らしい曲に仕上がってますので、どうぞ!何卒!よろしくお願いいたします!


I managed the arranging of 3 songs in CNBLUE's 3rd single RE-MAINTENANCE.

All are great songs, but more than all, 'Don't say good bye' is excellent.

When I heard demo song with Yonghwa's singing and piano only, I had to say, "Shouldn't it be released as it is?", I was unlike arranger.

So, I didn't touch the guitar code, just added instruments to amplify the mood and power of the original song.

This song is really.... an excellent piece which can be understood by the whole world.

Of course, 'Try again, Smile again' and 'Kimio' are wonderful songs. Please support!


Translation credit:saturn@soompi

thanks to Vivi Langgengdjaja @ facebook for the info

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