January 14, 2011


HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY to uri CNBLUE!!!!!!!!!! yeahh! CN to the BLUE
im so happy today because it already a year CNBLUE debut!! i love CNBLUE so much!!!! much than myself..huhu~ kyaa~ i hope CNBLUE career will be more success after this..
CNBLUE daebak!! and i wanna thanks you guys also because when i know you guys.. i got new friends which have same interest like me that is ~ CNBLUE music.. your music makes me high!! totally.. eat lots~ stay healthy stay happy~ and please..just make music.. no music no CNBLUE..
music unite me to CNBLUE..huhu ~im glad because i met you guys.. oh~ see you guys soon on this 26 and 27 January..keke~Jungshin aah~ i have something important to give you..

me= under CNBLUE flags and will never stop and always proud to be BOICE!!
p/s:like my unnie said!! huhu

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