January 20, 2011

Suspada Magazine- December 2010 [scan and translation]

CNBLUE in Thai magazine ( Sudsapda Magazine - December 2010)

CNBLUE 4 Lovely Musicians

Intv: Please introduce CNBLUE to Sudsupda fan. Don't copy each other.
JungShin : CNBLUE is a colorful band , hard working (concentration) and never stop.
JongHyun : We love to improve the new things accommodate with our skills and works.
YongHwa : CNBLUE is the band with 2 guitarists, 1 bassist, and 1 drummer.
MinHyuk : 4 musicians have a unity and the band members are very close. Moreover this is a talented band. (smile~)

Intv: What's the point that make CNBLUE get success in very short time?

YongHwa : We performed live. Yes-LIVE PERFORMANCE. It's the clear image that FC can touch. and CNBLUE has another charm...FC can fall in love with us easily (shy smile)

Intv: The famous always comes with change. How can u manage this situation?
YongHwa :
Recently we can't go anywhere we want to be like before but our true identity is never changed. Our intention is still like one we has in our street performance. Today we lose some freedom but the returns are more precious.

Intv: Sometimes there's a mistake in live performance. How you deal with that?
MinHyuk : On the stage, we often catch an eyes on each other, signal when something is wrong and do as if nothing happened (smile). Once I play drum and the drumstick bounced off my hand. I stand up to get it back and show as it's one of my acting. (lol)

Intv: Your schedule is really tight. If u have free time for 1 week what will u do?
YongHwa :
I like accessories. I will go shopping at Siam Paragon. I heard that there are a lot of beautiful ones.
JongHyun :
I will see other bands' performance.
MinHyuk: I will travel to my favorite countries. I would like to know their culture, life style, fashion, and music so I could learn what I have never known before. I will come back to Thailand again.
JungShin :
I didn't have a family time after debut. I will be back home, do activity, travel or just talking with them. I'll be happy.

Intv: Knowing that everyone had been asked about a girl type u like. I want to know if u meet her and like her very much but she doesn't know that you are a famous artist. What will you do to let her know better?
YongHwa : (laugh) I will buy her my CD or bring her to my concert because we play live. If she don't see this she will not see my distinctive point. I confirm she will know me better definitely.
JongHyun :
I will not tell her at first I'm one of CNBLUE members. We will go along as usual. Till the time of confession I will ask her to see our concert and tell I love her (Smile)
MinHyuk: I will not tell at first also. I will tell the truth by asking to see our concert. She will know by herself.
JungShin: Umm.....like we copied each other. Truly we have the same opinion in many thing. First, I want her to know my real identity. Then let her know I'm CNBLUE member. I wish she would love my real self not my fame.

Intv: "You're beautiful" is broadcast and gains popularity in Thailand. YH, how do u feel?
I'm glad that everyone likes this series. Last time I had been in Thailand, my fan called me Yonghwa but this time some called Shinwoo. Then I knew they liked it. I was invited to attend the new series. I'm deciding what series I will do. I want to play a role that improves my acting skill.

Intv: about the others? Do you want to try acting?

JongHyun :
Minhyuk and I just finished the musical movies Acoustic. It's in Busan International Film Festival and also in Bangkok-Korean Film Festival .
JungShin :
I'm learning acting too. Wait for me. You will see me soon.
YongHwa: There's a director that wants all 4 members to play in the same series. We may have a chance to see it soon.

Intv: Finally please speak something to Sudsapda fans and your fans.
MinHyuk: We are really glad and feel honored to join in "PD Radio concert". It's a lot of audience. After fan meeting last time we come back again. I'm very happy and would like to go to Thailand more often and stay longer. We want to have fan meeting many times.
In the end of this year we will have our full concert in Korea and our new album will be on sale in Jan next year. We will be back with full concert in Thailand. Hope everyone will support us because there's no CNBLUE today without encouragement from you.
Thank You !! (Kob-Khun-Kub)

omo~Jungshin aah!! i'm already know you're one of CnBlue members..ermm.. but still i will always love you for who you are.. even you not an artist.. i love man can play guitar and sing as well.. ♥ ♥

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