January 31, 2011

Lee Jung Shin in me ♥♥♥

tadaaa~ like i promise before... the gift to shin..keke.. erm.. wanna know what inside?? check out the photo below.... huhu.. i give this at Holika Holika fansign event.. put at Jung Shin present box.. omo~ my gift really small compared with other.. thnx for that brother..Holika2 crew that help me.. kob-khun-kub!! ♥♥♥
hehe.. how you guys think?? its a couple ring and necklace actually.. huhu.. i have wrote something inside the ring..keke~ let it be my secret with shin!! haha... hope he will use it.. for the necklace.. coz i love blue so much..i take them and i give shin the black one..so i and him got the same set of ring and necklace..weee.. omo..really hope someday he will wear my present.. but the ring..my friend said shin had a thin finger.. aigo0~ i made it by follow my instinct.. Lee Jung Shin..hope you will happily accept my gift..and today already February right?? 24 days more to CNBLUE first full album and 25 days more to my birthday.. i hope you tweet on my birthday..on 26th February... I Love Lee Jung Shin ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
him again..keke~ because i love him.. so his stuff lots surround me.. so i will never forget him..
Jung Shin keychain~ hehe,, the small one i made by myself =) ♥♥♥ Jung Shin..

huhu~sorry for the bad picture quality..keke~ its my lappy here.. coz i love Jung Shin.. so i stick his photo at my lappy~ ngeehehe.. whenever i miss him..i just see his pic at my lappy..

hye guys..im really sorry coz i cant update fan account about Holika Holika Magic Party with CNBLUE
on 26th and 27th of January.. i still waiting for the photo from my friend..it wont be complete without my photo right?? and i have to told you guys that i cant take Jung Shin pic at concert coz security take the camera..TT____TT really sad that time.. have a good day.. its 1st of February.. February is the month of Love..lets spreads our love to CNBLUE!!!

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