January 24, 2011

2 days more!!! smile!! =)

a lil banner for me and my unnie~~ hehe.. but it not done yet!! keke... can u spell the name??
its upside down.. huhu.. below name..my love one.. =)
ngeee~~ purple dress.. im prepared this for holika-holika fan sign event..wuuu~~
cant wait... im kinda excited now..its 2 days more... how you think??

oh..i also have prepared something for shin..later i will upload the photo..huhu..
aaa.dugeun dugeun..cant wait till wednesday.. excited.. shin..wait for me yea...

oh.. by the way.. sorry if i cant update my blog for 2 and 3 days..keke~ busy for Thailand.. no time to write... wish me luck..and thnx for read my blog..saranghae~~~~take care =)

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