June 11, 2015

Who Are You - School 2105

Anyeonghaseyo! Good night my blogger friend! How was your day today? I hope it was fun like mine. =) For today i'm gonna write a bit about the latest k drama. I love this drama so badly.. he he... one of the reason why i love this drama is.. Nam Joo Hyuk.. keke.. cause of Shinnie twins.. Jung Shin aahhh ~ i miss to see you on screen. Waiting for his new movie..I'm forgot the title but in that movie he is the main character. God of emoticon. 
Okay. Back to this drama.. the starting plot actually just so-so.. sorry.. but then it starting to make me excited.

There was 4 Main characters in this drama. The twins ,Go Eun Byul and Lee Eun Bi , Han Yi An and Gong Tae Kwang. 

Go Eun-byul and Lee Eun-bi are identical twins separated at birth. Eun-bi lives at House of Love, an orphanage in Tongyeong where the younger residents look up to her as a mother figure. However, she hides the fact that she is bullied at school by a mean girls Kang So-young(i really hate her..haha) and the gang.

Go Eun-byul is the popular girl at Sekang High School in Seoul. Eun-byul's best have 2 bestfriend , Cha Song-joo and Lee Shi-jin, and she really close with Han Yi An, the school's star swimmer. They have been friends for 10 years.

Eun-bi and Eun-byul look alike, but only Eun-byul is aware of her twin.Eun-bi kinda soft and cheerful but Eun-byul is prickly and secretive.

One day, on a school field trip to Tongyeong, Eun-byul mysteriously disappears. At the same time, Eun-bi is have been expelled from her school and jumps off a bridge as she really hate to live. Ten days later, Eun-bi is mistaken for her twin Eun-byul due to amnesiac and her adopt mother takes her home to Seoul , where she starts living as Eun-byul.

But then the bitch Kang So-Young joins the school and finds out Eun Bi is imposing as Eun Byul. Threatening Eun Bi with this fact, she tries to make her life miserable again, but Eun Bi has changed and she learns to stand up for herself. Gong Tae Kwang, who starts to like and care towards Eun Bi, finds out about her real identity and he assists and protects Eun Bi from Kang So-Young. He also fights against Han Yi An for Eun Bi's love. This make me starting to be their shippers.

But now the  real Eun Byul come back home and Eun bi go back to Tongyeong. The best part is when Tae Kwang rush to go there to meet Eun Bi. And for Yi An i can see that he also like Eun Bi more than Eun Byul now.

For the start of this movie i really ship Han Yi An (coz his face like shin) but then i love Gong Tae Kwang more. Eun Bi and Tae Kwang look good together. But still poor to Yi An.This drama have 16 full episode. 14 episode already aired. As you can see the rating getting high lately.. huhu.. 2 more episode to go.. What will happen to them? Next week.. Can't wait.. Dugeun dugeun.. I wish for the happy ending. And i really hope that bitch Kang So Young.. get lost soon from Sekang High School..Aaaa~~ I really hope Eun Bi will finally accept Tae Kwang love..but i don't know.. Aishhh...

Kim So-Hyun as Go Eun Byul and Lee Eun Bi

Yook Sung Jae (BToB) as Gong Tae Kwang and Nam Joo Hyuk as Han Yi An

Which one better for Eun Byul and who is the one for Eun Bi? Let give them support till the end of this drama. xoxo 

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