June 10, 2015

Lee Jung Shin vs Nam Joo Hyuk

Anyeonghaseyo! Good Night my dear friend. Woot woot.. he he.. As known by all i'm the die-hard fans of Lee Jung Shin of CNBLUE. But today i wanna talk about a new rising star , the model and actor ~ Nam Joo Hyuk.. Before i never know anything about him. Last year my sister told me that there is Jung Shin in a drama. I have update all of his activity and I'm kinda confuse so i started to find a news about the drama that she talk about. The title is Surplus Princess. First time i watch the drama. Omooo ~ is that Jung Shin? They are totally look a like. Like twins. Then i found out that his name was Nam Joo Hyuk. He quite a tall guy. Same like uri Jung Shin. I'm starting follow him on twitter and instagram. He remind me a lot to Jung Shin.. he he.. so cute..  what do you think of him? They really look similar right? can you guess which one is Jung Shin??

Joo Hyuk in Running Man ep 230

He he.. exactly the same. Mostly when they made the serious face. Aaaaaaa.. i think i love him too. Hahaha.. so let's give him a support =) i provided his profile for you guys. 

Name: Nam Ju Hyuk (남주혁)
Birth: 1994.2.22
Height: 188 cm
Waist: 29 inch
Shoes: 275 mm
Organization: YGK+ Model
Debut Date: 10/17/2013 (Songzio Homme 2014 s/s collection)

MV : 
- 200% - Akdong Musician (AKMU)
- Give Love - Akdong Musician (AKMU)

TV Drama : 
- Surplus Princess (tvN)
- Who are you : School 2015 (KBS)

TV Program : 
- (JTB) Off To School 
- The Icon - Nam TV 

CF :

- Etude' cosmetics
- ABC Mart 

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