June 27, 2015

Talk! Talk! Korea 2015 Contest

 Anyeonghaseyo~~~ Do you guys know this contest? Talk! Talk! Korea 2015 with CNBLUE. 

hehe.. I'm also participate this contest. I try my best for it. So , please do support me! Please like my video if you have the youtube account =) I have participate for 3 category which is for Arirang cover,  video advertisement and the postcard. Wish me luck!!!!

This is my cover song for Arirang. I'm using the Malay traditional instrument called Kompang. Kompang is kind like drum. The sound quite loud actually. Kompang is the main instrument we use in Malay wedding ceremony. It's kind like we are welcoming the groom/bride together with their family members. Malay culture kinda unique. I'm staying in Malacca. So the wedding ceremony here got a bit different things . But if you want to learn more about Malay Malacca culture please marry our people. Hi hi..With help from my sister. We record this. Hehehe.. I don't know why i'm stuttered like that. Mianhae.. Recording this video is not my plan. This was totally last minute action. Please support me ya??  

This one is for another category. Aigoo.. actually I've been prepared the long one. As i want to register to the contest i just notice that the video need to be set below 2 minute. Hell yeah!! It's kinda ruined some of my effort there.. totally saddening. i'm not suggesting this video for you guys to watch.. sad one.. haha... 

And for the postcard  i just make a simple one. 

I draw this.. cute? haha.. 

 I use the colored paper. Just patch it all together and jajangggg.. it's looked like this.. huhu..

This is the cherry blossom tree.. Just draw it fastl one hour before the contest end.. so..
Which one is nicer? 

Will I gonna be lucky enough? I will be blessed even i got the signatured CD from CNBLUE.. kekeke.. I'm counting days. It's just 6 days more before CNBLUE come to Malaysia. Jung Shin~ aaahhh.. i miss you so much. Take care. Have a nice day xoxo 


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