June 10, 2015

Anything for CNBLUE

Throwback last year. If i'm not mistaken this was held after Can't Stop in Singapore.. me and Boice friend got an interview from our local newspaper regarding our obsession for uri CNBLUE.. he he.. i translated it to English..so have a pleasant time to read it.. =)

Harian Metro June 2014

Text by : hajahfarhana@mediaprima.com.my

The South Korea band under FNC Entertaiment , CNBLUE was one of the famous band which had spread their very own 'Blue Wave' starting their mini album launching on August 2009 in Japan.
You all can see the band members have their own unique personalities while performing on stage.Totally awesome.
So , no wonder if most of their fan can't resist the withdrawal syndrome just to watch their performances on singing and playing the instrument.
CNBLUE had prove their popularity not only in their country but all over the world. For their die-hard fans , Najwa Kesuma bt Mahadi and Farah Atifa bt Razif (ME) , it's not a problem for them to  save their money just for CNBLUE concert.
Najwa Kesuma , 28 , influence from her sister , she starting to love some of the kpop artist and the kdrama.
"You're Beautiful drama by Jung Yong Hwa ,  the leader of this band made me interested. I'm started to search about him after that. "
"Finally, i got the news about him (Yong Hwa). i realized that he was a multi-talented artist. He have a good talent in sing and can play most instrument as well for the acting."
In 2010 , she only attract to the leader of that popular band only before it's continued to others band members which is the drummer , Kang Min Hyuk ; the bassist , Lee Jung Shin and the guitarist , Lee Jong Hyun.
Most of them have a very bright personalities which made this girl starting to update all of the latest news about the band and their members.
"Starting at that time , i love to buy and collect all the CNBLUE items including their album.
"When there was the update of the latest product , i will make sure to buy it online or buy it when i visit their country," add Najwa.
It's not meant that she had forget the local artist but CNBLUE such a talented band that anyone can't resist. They have a future in worldwide music industry. And you can see their spirit towards training and discipline in whatever they do.
Najwa Kesuma seems so excited to talk about her favorite band. She admits that CNBLUE had through most of the difficulties before they can reach to the top of the world.
So , no wonder this girl willing to collect all of her money to watch their concert inside and outside of Malaysia.
For her, concert is a way to appreciate their music as well as finding a new friend positively.
"I will object anyway if they think this is kind of waste. The true is , CNBLUE teach me lots of thing such as discipline , way to communicate wisely and never give up in anything you do." 
Other than this band , Najwa Kesuma said that she attend the Korean cooking class once fortnightly at Korean Tourism Organization.  


Farah Atifa Razif , 25 , active playing instrument since her collage study other than love the movement of the independent (indie) band in Malaysia.
Her love towards CNBLUE appears cause this band is not depending on dancing but practicing in instrumental usage importantly.
"This band totally awesome and unique and also an energetic as well as a band. They not focused on dance on performance."
"I had fall for them starting 2010. I love to see the bassist of this band , Lee Jung Shin. He totally cute and funny guy and I'm kinda obsess with the tall guy."
She don't wanna miss a chance to watch their concert even had to go outside from Malaysia. No wonder this girl had watch CNBLUE concert in Thailand , Singapore and Malaysia.
She admit  most of her money was spending to buy lots of items that show off the face of her favorite band and mostly for their concert. More than RM10,000 had been used to buy the product such as album , magazine , bag , and other items as well as the concert ticket.
She even customized her own mug as souvenir with the name and image of her favorite members band , Lee Jung Shin. All of the items had been keep in the special containers to avoid them from any damage.
"Cause my love towards this band from Korea , I'm now working in a Korean restaurant and learned how to prepared most of their traditional dish. Once , i have been hired as the admin of the CNBLUE fanclub of Malaysia- CNBLUEBEAT , but not as active as before because I'm busy with my work assigment, " 

 Me showing the Jungshin mug. When i drink through it..i will remember you.. he he

Some of my album collection

I'm holding Jungshin cartoon model. A gift from Goguma Thailand. thanks a lot =)

Some of the magazine and paper collection

I love this mug the most. Jungshinifa = Jungshin + Atifa


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