April 17, 2015

my goddess shin shin ♥♥♥

long time no see ~~ almost a year i didn't update my blog. sorry guys. but still i'm really thankful coz you all didn't stop from reading this empty site. thanks for all the support. really appreciate it. all of this picture actually the old one. from Cant Stop in Kuala Lumpur 2014.such a late update but still some of the picture haven't  be seen before. just wanna share it with all of you. especially for our Jung Shin lovers.. hope you like it..  

My eyes seems don't wanna look anyone except for you.
your smile stole my heart. 
and i felt calm when i heard your laugh.
i don't know either this is love or what
for sure i'm always happy whenever i see you or your picture
so please , keep it (the smile) lasting for me.

  We're the Untouchable Goddess Malaysia ~~ 

that's all for now. till the next entry. please be careful. take care. xoxoxoxo

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