February 07, 2014

Thanks For The Memories

Anyeonghaseyo~ hi guys.. long time no see.. its already February.. yesterday i go back to my hometown...
i'm doing some cleaning in my room .. and then i found this.. hihi..
i miss the old days.. the first moment i met CNBLUE at Suvarnabhumi Airport Thailand.. 
I think i'm the happiest person in the world that time. =)
Met CNBLUE by person and get to see them lively with my own eyes. 
Can't tell.. only tears came out.. very touched.. the way he (Lee Jung Shin) wave his hand at me.. 
I felt it just happen yesterday.. 
So, when i found those magazine.. i read it..
Then i'm just smiling alone..
Here.. i'm sharing some of the content inside the magazine.. hope you guys love it.. 
And for those who newly become a BOICE..
Welcome to the club.. hehe.. 
You'll never regret to be a BOICE..  

Nice view huh? hehe... For me.. i'm truly glad to meet them.. to know them.. to be their fans..
Even they might don't know who am i.. its okey . I'm just a normal person.. I will always love them for lifetime. Especially for the best bassist in the world. Jungshin~ ahh.. its good to see lots improvement of yourself.. fighting.. never give up.. never stop on making music.. i'm waiting for your full composed song.. hope to see you again.. please!! world tour in MALAYSIA again.. BOICE here love CNBLUE.. and of course me too.
Untouchable..like a star in the night sky.. will always shining.. can see it through in eyes.. 
For the new PRESENT best korean album.. already pre-order it. Can't wait for CNBLUE comeback soon.. hope it will be the best album ever. 
I hope it's not too late to wish CNBLUE.. Happy Belated 4th Anniversary ~
I'm proud of you guys.. didn't notice.. it's been 4 years for me become a BOICE.. (i'm also proud of myself.. haha)
thanks for the good memories.. thanks for the best fans services.. thanks for everything.. CNBLUE makes me high!!! 

Farah Atifa Razif / Shinifa

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