November 08, 2010

CNBLUE at PD Radio Concert [Thailand]

wuuu... envy with the mc.. ngee.. my high is same with the mc coz at the airport..i have compare his high with mine..haha... naughty me... thats why i said they not too high as people said..ngee..
their high are normal.. ^__^
Jung Shin... the most kawaii person that i ever met.. your smile..really warm me when i feel cold.. poor shin.. i know you really tired.. eat more must have more energy to fill your schedule.. i love you..
Jong Hyun... i like your dimple like crazy!!! aaa..scream so loud when i see his smile...haha..
sorry if i write like crazy fans here..but that the true feeling when we meet our idol for the first time.. haha... can i borrow your dimple??haha
Min Hyuk!!! the adorable maknae in CNBLUE... hehe.. he so cute... he love to wave his hand at the airport..and the fans scream so loud when they see his wave.. aa.. im gonna crazy with him too i think..haha
Yong Hwa.. he really handsome guy..i swear it was the true.. but his not too high.. haha.. evil me..sorry yoong~ but it such a great feeling when i saw all of you walking infront of me.. im praised to the lord cause give me this chance in my life..
there is too many guard around them.. just look at shin right..?? i feel like i wanna hug him from the back..haha..

for the first time of my life..i meet Lee Jung Shin lively.. i had wait for CNBLUE boys around 5 hours at the airport..really tired but it such a relief when he walk in front of me and smile.. aaa~ im melting at that time..speechless..

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