February 10, 2011

CNBLUE postpone the release date for the full album~ 2011.02.09

The popular idol band CNBLUE’s first studio album release is expected to be postponed for around 2 weeks than originally planned.

Today, the 9th of February, on CNBLUE’s homepage the countdown timer is showing “D-14″ until the release of the album. If we calculate ‘D-’14′ from the 9th, it would be February 23rd.

But as the album production is running behind, consequently the album release has to be postponed. CNBLUE’s agency has stated that they will soon adjust the countdown timer to set the correct time.

CNBLUE is currently in Japan shooting an MV for their first album, but as the latter part of the album will take more time to be completed, the delay is inevitable. The representatives from CNBLUE’s agency said that more new songs keep on coming, so to be able to show more of CNBLUE’s charm they are considering to add additional songs to the album. As a result, the agency officials have announced that the album release will be postponed till March than initially planned.

CNBLUE’s representatives also stated, “For CNBLUE’s first album, there are many parts that needs to be taken care of. In this album, there are a few songs that the members write and compose themselves and to further improve the quality of the album, the delay seems inevitable.”

CNBLUE also shows their regret through the agency: “To the fans who have been waiting for the album all this time, we will make up for it with great songs.”

omo~ as i thought.they gonna be postpone to early march.. i want it to be in february coz it will be the the speial date for me.. huu.. kyaa..i wondering how new MV will be.. omo..cant wait to see their new act~ and for sure..no other woman there..keke~~~~

CNBLUE!! fighting!!

credit to: cnbluebeat.com

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